Loft ladder in aluminium - DOLLE ALUFIX

Space-saving loft ladder access solution - This space saving scissor ladder with front board can be ideally installed to the existing, loft hatch with dimensions from 65 x 55 cm.

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Concertina ladder
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Loft ladder for narrow spaces

The deep step surface of the treads is just one detail that distinguishes the DOLLE Alu-fix from other loft ladders. The ladder is made of aluminium and offers easy operation and secure access and aggress to the loft space. The loft attachment is made of plywood can be moved with little effort. The space required is very low, so the loft ladder can be installed into the smallest loft space. With a tested load of up to 100 kg, the model can be well suited to older buildings with an unconventional loft space.

The ALU-FIX comes with 9, 10 or 11 steps:

9 steps for a floor to ceiling height between: 219-246 cm

10 steps for a floor to ceiling height between: 246-273 cm

11 steps for a floor to ceiling height between: 273-300 cm

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Building law category: unnecessary staircase

Control air leakage in your home

Vapour barrier with TwinActive-foil seals your product for optimal heat-insulation. Easy to attach.

Option: Combine with wall hatch (Shown in picture) Can be mounted in the ceiling.
It is possible to combine the Alu-fix concertina ladder with a clickFIX® 56 WH wall hatch in size 60 x 60 cm (62 x 62 cm opening size).
This achieves the market's smallest loftladder.

9 treads L: 38 x B: 40 x H: 34,5 cm
10 treads L: 40 x B: 40 x H: 34,5 cm
11 treads L: 42 x B: 40 x H: 34,5 cm


  • Deep steep in aluminium
  • Suited for all types of building including unconventional loft spaces.
  • Top access solution for going to the loft
  • Choose your ALU-FIX - cover floor-to-ceiling height from 219-300 cm


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Attic ladder type
Concertina ladder
Ladder material
Tread material
Tread width
330 mm
Tread depth
78 mm
String material
String thickness
8 mm
String depth
31 mm
Maximum load
100 kg
Product weight
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Maintenance tips for loft ladder

A loft ladder usually does not require much maintenance. Prolong the lifespan of your loft ladder with a few simple steps to ensure that it functions correctly.

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