Vapour barrier

Sealing air leaks in your home

Vapour barrier with TwinActive-foil seals your product for optimal insulation. For all DOLLE loft ladders and wall hatches (except fire-resistant models). Easy to attach.

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Save on energy bills - control air leakage in your home

The vapour barrier seals assemblings of the loft ladder and wall hatches. Contributes to optimal heat-insulation and reduces risk of condensation and prevents possible appearence of mold. It is easy to attach and suitable for all loft ladders and wall hatches from DOLLE.

Special measurement loft ladders with a width + length higher than 210 cm. need 2x vapour barriers.


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Suited for
Alu Fix, SW 26-4, SW 26-3, SW 26-5, SW 36-5, SW56-1, SW 56-4, clickFIX® thermo, clickFIX® Thermo comfort, clickFIX® comfort, clickFIX® 36GM, clickFIX® 36 MINI, clickFIX® 36 LUX MINI, clickFIX® 56 SM, clickFIX® 56 PRO, clickFIX® 56 PRO+, clickFIX® 56 MINI PRO+, clickFIX® 76G, clickFIX® 76S
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