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Loft ladder clickFIX® 76
Now also flush with ceiling


Staircase DUBAI - open modular staircase

Innovative staircase construction - Customisable to any stairway.

Spiral staircase MONTREAL
- Elegant spiral staircase solution

MONTREAL is an ideal solution for rooms limited on space thanks to the minimal footprint.


Many roads lead up ... and of course down again. With DOLLE loft ladders, staircases, spiral staircases and stairs - always open to you! Discover our range of staircases, loft stairs, mezzanine outdoor stairs, loft ladders, balustrade systems for indoors and outdoors and much more. See also DOLLE's innovative smart storage system BEAM-IT-UP®. Drop down ceiling storage for hallways or smaller rooms in elegant design.

DOLLE Group operates 3 business divisions

DOLLE Stairs which operates under the two Brands DOLLE and SOGEM is the World market leader for loft ladders and stairs and offers balustrade systems as well as innovative smart storage system BEAM-IT-UP®.

DOLLE Shelving offers, as market leader, a full range of wall mounted shelving products for decorative and functional use.

DOLLE Plastics supplies construction plastics, industrial plastics, and products for the 3D advertising industry.

DOLLE stairs

  Loft ladders
  Smart storage

DOLLE shelving

  Wall shelves
  Shelf supports
  Shelving systems
  Furniture legs

DOLLE plastics

  Construction plastics
  Industrial plastics
  3D advertising plastics

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