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Staircase in kit | DUBLIN

Flexible staircase in good quality, where possibilities are many. This stair is offered with varnished oak and beech treads.

Pick type of wood for treads and handrail - 2 options:

Pick your treads and handrail in between oak or beech for your staircase treads and handrail. The wood is varnished, solid and from FSC certified forestry. The surface of the treads and handrail is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain thanks to a semi-gloss varnish.

Banister types

For the DUBLIN stair you can pick in between 3 different banister styles:

  • CLASSIC II - 2 vertical balusters per tread.
  • CLASSIC III - 3 vertical balusters per tread.
  • STYLE 6 - horizontal fillings Ø6 mm.


All the banisters are developed with high strength to provide good stability in premium finish. The balusters are mounted on the outside of the treads to ensure a good and wide walk line.
The vertical balusters Classic II or Classic III prevents children from climbing the banister.

Type of staircase:

Pick type of stair under configurate


Straight flight

Quarter turn

Half turn

Colour - wood combinations:

You pick colour and wood type combination when you configurate the stair


Pearl grey



Varnished solid beech or oak treads


See all measurements for the stair in your home here Dimensions (all measurements)


15.6 cm

Staircase width

65 & 75 cm

Max. floor-to-floor height

360 cm

Numbers of treads

11 - 15 treads

Space saving loft conversion stair

Dublin is a flexible staircase in good quality, where possibilities are many and a maximum floor-to-floor height of 360 cm. DUBLIN is the perfect choice for a narrow stairway and offered with solid oak and solid beech treads with a varnished surface. 

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