Staircase PARIS oak

Elegant quarter turn staircase or straight flight staircase from DOLLE

Secondary staircase PARIS is a light and elegant staircase in varnished oak. The staircase is offered as straight flight or quarter turn with or without banister and risers. Design the staircase below. Landing banister is available.

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Stylish staircase easy to maintain

Space saving staircase PARIS from DOLLE is a timeless secondary staircase in a light and bright design matching most homes.

PARIS staircase is available as straight flight or quarter turn to the left or right. Choose the wooden banister with squared balusters or with stainless steel fillings (Ø16mm) to add an elegant look and maximize comfort and safety when using the staircase. The staircase is also available without banister. Select the staircase as and open (without risers) or closed staircase (with risers).

The PARIS staircases are designed with a width of 83,5 cm and 21 cm deep treads ensuring high comfort with 18 cm going on straight flight. The staircase occupies minimal space in the room and is therefore ideal for smaller rooms.

The straight flight staircase has 14 treads and a reaches a maximum floor-to-floor height of 280,5 cm. The quarter turn staircase has 16 treads and reaches a max. floor-to-floor height of 318 cm. Both staircase variants can be shortened by cutting the strings. DOLLE PARIS is designed to fulfill the needs of daily use and is tested to a maximum total load of 150 kg.

With a varnished surface you get a durable staircase which is easy to maintain.

The staircase is available in untreated spruce and oak as quarter turn and straight flight.

Wood is a natural product and the natural colour of the wood may vary from staircase to staircase. Therefore, the colour reproduction of the images may not always reflect the actual colour of the wood

The back side of the treads are prepared for easy attachement of risers no matter if the staircase comes with or without risers.


  • Light and elegant timeless design
  • Space saving staircase
  • Wide and deep comfortable treads
  • Different spruce and oak variants available


Product number
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Staircase definition
Secondary staircase
Tread thickness
32 mm
18 cm
Tread material
Solid oak
Tread colour
String colour
Indoor use

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