Loft ladder MINI - Made to measure

Ideal Space-Saving Solution, ideal for Small Ceiling Openings

Enter the ceiling height and your opening dimensions and let our design tool guide you through your options. Casing height can be up to 14 cm. Max. ceiling height: 286 cm.

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Possible values: 217 - 286 cm
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The DOLLE MINI loft ladder is designed for restricted ceiling openings, and it can be mounted easily between our beams. It fits perfectly into openings that do not correspond to standard dimensions and still offers excellent comfort and safety.

The DOLLE Mini loft ladder is comfortable, safe, and easy to operate. Our specially developed spring system provides excellent balance, making it easy to fold the ladder in and out. The casing is made of spruce, 18 x 140 mm. The trapdoor is made of a 32 x 25 mm spruce frame with white-painted HDF panels on both sides and a 36 mm standard trapdoor insulated with 30 mm polystyrene. U-value: 1.33 W/m2*K.

The operating rod is included acting as an extended arm, making it easy to reach the closing lock.

The thermally insulated trapdoor also seals airtight according to EN 12207 class 4 and meets the requirement for good thermal insulation. The ladder section can be folded into four parts to save space. The white architraves provide a discreet finish at the transition to the ceiling.

The casing height on a DOLLE Mini must not exceed 14 cm. It is not possible to add extension links to the loft ladder, and the casing width plus length must not exceed 240 cm.

The difference between ceiling opening and casing dimensions?

We use the term " ceiling opening ". The term refers to the size of the opening in the ceiling where the loft ladder will be placed.

The casing dimensions are the length and width of the casing of the loft ladder.

Our loft ladders are produced 2.5 cm smaller than the hole size you order, this ensures that there is a gap for the loft ladder to be installed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Please note that this is a made-to-measure product and therefore cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase.


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