Balustrade, max. 130 x 70 cm

Wooden Balustrade – hatch size up to 130 X 70 cm

Balustrades (at times) can be required by building regulations to provide more safety in the loft space. They shield loft ladder in the opening and protect against falling. For DOLLE: clickFIX, F 30/90, SW26-3/5

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Balustrade for safe loft storage

DOLLE offers suitable balustrade for ceiling openings from 112 × 60 cm to 130 × 70 cm. The railing is made of natural spruce and consist of four square posts connected by three hand rails and three knee rails. To ensure you are compliant with all UK building regulations you have the option to use a DOLLE balustrade protection system. Two metal diagonal braces offer additional stability to the railing. With an easy-to-mount base, the DOLLE hatch guardrails are easy to install and offer extra safety while accessing and aggressing the loft space.


  • Provide safety in the attic
  • Meet the standard of UK building regulations
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