LED lightning for SYDNEY staircase

Light up your staircase

Staircase SYDNEY bring the option of staircase lighting with dimmable LED. By using stair LED lights, you can make your staircase much safer and upgrade your interior design at the same time.

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The DOLLE SYDNEY impresses with a continuous centre construction where you can integrate LED lighting. The staircase becomes an additional source of lighting combing utility and aesthetic design. The dimmable LED produces a pleasant and indirect light in the room which you can adapt to the atmosphere of the moment. 1 wireless remote are included, so if you need extra Remotes (wireless) you buy it here - for instance if you want to have one for upstairs as well as downstairs. Option: up to 8 remotes for controlling the LED lightning.

By using our LED light system, the stunning result is guaranteed. The quality of our LED light is very high (300 LED/meter) and provides warm and even light from top to the bottom of the staircase so you will achieve elegant lightning in your stairway. Warm white light 3100 K.
68 kWh/1000h. CE marked.

DIY LED lightning in top-quality for your staircase

It is easy to integrate and mount yourselves. The LED cable is 3,45 m and fit the 13 tread SYDNEY. Cut the LED to fit the 11 or 12 treads staircase. At the top of the staircase there is a little chamber where power supply and dimmer are places. From here the 230 V power cord (1,5 m long) comes out. It is possible to integrate the LED lightning without any visible cords if there is a cord outlet at the top of the stair. Especially for new build houses it is possible to have an outlet at the top of the staircase. See more installation options in the SYDNEY stair instructions.

Two cover options included with the staircase.

Each staircase has two covers for the narrow middle centre of the stair construction. One cover is mat transparent for the LED light. If you do not add the LED light, use the aluminium cover in the colour of the staircase, to ensure a great finish.

Tip: We recommend mounting the LED lightning from the beginning when you mount the staircase. If you decide later, it is far more demanding to install.


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