Landing banister ATLANTA/DALLAS

Simple, light and versatile

Add a nice, safe finish by installing a landing banister at the top of your staircase. Start by installing the starter kit and add extension kits until you reach the required length.

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100 cm

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A stable solution to secure your mezzanine floor

Begin with the starter kit (1 meter long) which includes baluster clamps to attach the landing banister to the staircase – add extension kits (1 meter) until you reach the full required length.

If you want to turn a corner, add another starter kit and use the included baluster clamp to connect the two sections.

All screws and components needed for installation are included in the packages.

The landing banister is designed to match the staircases ATLANTA and DALLAS from DOLLE.

Starter kit   Extension kit


Product number
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100 cm
Handrail diameter
42 mm
Handrail material
Distance between balusters/fillings
10 cm
Pole material
Baluster finish

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