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Factories in Denmark, China, Romania and Ukraine


Each factory is specialized in specific tasks and technologies and operates in close collaboration with a strong network of supplier partners.


The factory in Denmark:

The Danish factory is the centre of our loft ladder production and is located at the DOLLE A/S headquarters in Frøstrup, which also host the corporate departments for Research and Development, Quality/Control and Global Sourcing. 


DOLLE A/S is the world leader in the development, production and sale of loft ladders, and is a major player in the development, production and sale of stairs and handrail banister systems. Since the company was founded in 1982, DOLLE A/S has developed into the world's largest manufacturer of loft ladders.


The plant is constantly developing new technologies and optimizing processes for the benefit of all production units. In 2012 DOLLE A/S started investments to adapt to Industry 4.0 production principles and operates today the most advanced and automated productions within our industry.


The Danish factory covers more than 18,000 m2 and the state-of-art technology - operated by Lean Manufacturing principles - is the nerve center for this unique production unit. The factory is certified according to ISO 9001 to ensure the highest quality standards are met with all DOLLE loft ladders produced in accordance with the guidelines of EN14975.


The corporate department of Q/C and Global Sourcing at DOLLE A/S headquarters in Denmark is operating in close cooperation with a large and global network of suppliers to secure a consistent and high quality on all materials, which is approved to be a part of a DOLLE product. This is among others including demands to support the large variety of product- and material standards and the FSC-certification, which is valid on all our production units. 


Frøstrup also hosts our development team - a crucial factor for a company that focuses strongly on innovation. 10% of the company's employees in the headquarters are employed in the development of the future space saving solutions.


DOLLE has created a consistent mindset in the development of the company's products. DOLLE wants to take the traditional way of thinking from square meters to cubic meters when considering the house. The company has therefore striven to develop concepts using unused space. Give home an added value and make life easier and more comfortable for those who live there. DOLLE's vision is creation, connection and openness for easy access and use of space.

The factory in China:

DOLLE Suzhou is based 100 km from Shanghai. The factory here is responsible for manufacturing our metal components and is the production centre for our handrail banister systems. The Chinese factory covers more than 20,000 m2 and is ideally positioned with access to excellent infrastructure to support our global markets. The factory is certified according to ISO 9001 to ensure the highest quality standards.


Our modern and highly expertized manufacturing is using a large variety of materials and production technologies. The primary material used in DOLLE Suzhou is a variety metals but includes among others also components in plastic and FSC-certified wood materials. REACH guidelines are respected, and we adhere to RoHs rules.


The modern technology at DOLLE Suzhou includes state-of the-art machinery and technology used in metal production and treatment. This includes complex and intensive processes such as robotic welding, plasma cutters, ultrasonic cleaning, and ball blasting technology just to mention a few.


We have developed an outstanding network of approved suppliers across materials such as wood, metals, plastic and packaging and we have in-house expertise in a variety of different fields that relate to our raw material intake. These include among others: metal extrusion, die casting, powder coating, galvanizing, plastic injection moulding, packaging, wooden components. 


DOLLE Suzhou has a significant asset investment which gives us the capability to perform punching, cutting, and grinding processes using the presses we have that range in the size from 4,5 to 500 tons.


DOLLE Suzhou benefits from state-of-the-art robot technology. Our welding and riveting departments include new robotic equipment from Kawasaki and Migatronic. With a specialized department of highly qualified personnel, DOLLE Suzhou manufactures and maintains all its own tools, which gives us unfailing strength and flexibility over our production assets.


Our machinery is complemented by outstanding and highly experienced personnel. We employ a large team of the most skilled and dedicated welders with decades of expertise. The combination of our investment in human and mechanical expertise gives us the perfect combination of flexible capacity, and quality standards that are unrivalled.

The factory in Romania:

Our Romanian factory SOGEM Production is based in Molid in Suceava County which is recognized for its long tradition of woodworking industry and with 27% of the territory covered by forest Romania has some of the largest forest resources in Europe including a wide variety of tree species. The location of our factory within an area of the highest quality of wood, especially Beech and Oak, our production is strategically well situated.

SOGEM Production is the technology centre in DOLLE A/S for the manufacturing of hardwood components and finished staircases and is one of the leading manufactures in Europe in the segment of kit-stairs and modular staircases. SOGEM Production produces and sells more than 40 models of stairs in kit, wooden stairs and custom-made stairs thus meeting the demands and requirements of all customers. 

Based on a local tradition of woodworking, we have succeeded in capitalizing from the access of high-quality materials, use of modern production technologies and a highly qualified staff of dedicated employees to operate this complex and specialized production unit.

The factory is certified according to ISO 9001, FSC and PEFC to control the strict quality standards guiding the supply chain and to secure that our materials are complying to our demands for full traceability and originates from sustainable sources. 

SOGEM Production has modern production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to support a full process from raw material optimization to manufacturing of the finished products. All processes are supported by 3D design software and our highly experienced designers and technicians who are specialized in manufacturing interior stairs.



Our Ukrainian factory PE CIO is based in Velykyi Bereznyi nearby Uzhgorod in the southwest of Ukraine.


Situated in the Carpathian Mountains, where we find some of the most valuable wood resources in Europe, the factory is positioned in one of the key areas of Ukrainian forestry and woodworking.


The sawmill and production operated at PE CIO is an important part of the DOLLE A/S hardwood supply chain supporting our manufacturing of solid wood products especially in beech and oak. 


The processes include all operations from harvesting the wood in the rich areas of FSC-certified forest all around the factory, to a high capacity sawmill and drying capacity securing the optimal quality of the raw material and modern production setup for manufacturing of both high-volume and specialized components.


Very high-quality wood components are dispatched from our factory in Ukraine either to other DOLLE factories for further processing or to the large number of export customers, who are services by PE CIO as an important sub-contractor.