50 years of DOLLE - half a century of serving customers.

Fifty years ago Carl Dolle started things in Bremen. It wasn't exactly easy for this native Sauerlander to make a foothold in Hanseatic Bremen. At the age of 24, he on more than one occasion was told "greet your father when you see him" by his customers. With a will of iron and determined to keep his goal in sight, he succeeded in getting the business on a firm footing within a short time. Since then his motto has been "what is past cannot be changed, but you can change your future business". Other family members too are putting their entrepreneurial skills to the service of the common cause. In 1970 Ursula Dolle, wife of Carl, joined the business. As a result she successfully built up the DOLLE-Kunststoffe area of operations in Bremen. 

The Dolle Group 
Meanwhile, the responsibility of management has been taken over by the next generation. At the age of 30, the eldest son Matthias has entered the Dolle Bros. business. Today he runs DOLLE-Treppen in Bremen jointly with Carl Dolle. 
The DOLLE Group experienced its most recent expansion in 1996 through the acquisition of the Brenneisen Company. This new area of business, which is concerned with the development and Europe-wide sale of residential wall shelving, has since been renamed DOLLE-Wohnregale. Youngest son Stefan Dolle is responsible for this business.